Timber Frame and SIP hybrid home

a pictorial


P6050001.JPG (416229 bytes)

Hearthstone Timberframe home in Ocala, FL


P6050003.JPG (433223 bytes)

Hybrid (non timberframe) portion going up.  This will be joined with timberframe enclosure where they meet.





P6050004.JPG (428197 bytes)

More of the hybrid section




P6050007.JPG (437204 bytes)






P6050008.JPG (443978 bytes)



P6060020.JPG (434160 bytes)

Now the frame is wrapped


P6060022.JPG (413375 bytes)

These are trained professionals with proper fall protection equipment- don't try this at home.


P6070004.JPG (428133 bytes)

The roof panels go on next




P6090011.JPG (417408 bytes)

The SIPs take the load off the T&G





P6090012.JPG (430785 bytes)

If you want this many windows, SIPs are pretty much the only way to do it!!





P6090017.JPG (426691 bytes)

The finished TF wrap

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